ESBRO - first 13,500 bph plant in NL

Growing volume and quality at its old site was no longer an option for Esbro BV in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. With his completely new 13,500 bph (225 bpm) broiler processing plant, owner Joop Eskes can now stay ahead in the coming years. For the time being, the new plant will concentrate on primary and secondary processing up to and including cut-up. Eskes does not, however, exclude going into further processing on his own account at some time in the future.
Joop Eskes, owner of Esbro B.V., the Netherlands Joop Eskes, owner of Esbro B.V., speaks about his excellent relationship with Stork Poultry Processing

But things are not that far yet. Joop Eskes explains: “First, I want to see how the market develops, how the market grows. In any case, I have prepared myself well, both as far as space is concerned with the new premises and in the choice of equipment for the new site. Everything has been prepared to produce top quality tender fresh products. I have gone for the combination of the latest version of the GP live bird handling system together with the CAS Multiphase stunning system, AeroScalder for scalding and RapidRigor.
Chilling is Downflow “Plus”, which gives us minimal dry-out, whilst enabling us to make a nice dry product for the fresh market. As far as chilling capacity is concerned, I have sufficient to be able eventually to put in place a complete maturation chilling installation. Taken together, this is a first-class basis for producing all kinds of quality products.”

    There is only one color for me and that is blue. But joking apart, Marel Stork is in my opinion the only company which doesn’t only make machines but also keeps on improving concepts.
    - Joop Eskes – Owner Esbro.


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