Marel Stork



With the largest installed base worldwide Marel Stork Poultry Processing is the global supplier of innovative in-line poultry processing equipment for broilers, turkeys and ducks.

Having a strong focus on innovative technologies and service they provide inline solutions for all process stages and all capacity levels. The vast product range includes top quality equipment for live bird handling, up to evisceration, giblet harvesting and processing, chilling, grading, cut-up, deboning, bone detection, portioning, batching, end-product logistics, modular software solutions and service contracts.

Stork Poultry Processing equipment meets the highest quality standards and is known for its high yields, reliable performance, lowest cost of ownership and well thought-out maintenance

“As market- and technology leader, we bring poultry processors unmatched reliability, effective and future proof technologies with respect for people, birds and planet. Our high level expert teams translate our passion for poultry processing into most added value for customers around the globe.” – Anton de Weerd, Managing Director of Marel

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