Haarslev Industries manufactures processing equipment to customers in the rendering, pet food, fish, oil, environmental protection and biofuel industries world-wide.

We work in close co-operation with our customers. Plant durability, reliability and service are keywords for Haarslev supplies, whether it is a single piece of equipment or a complete turnkey plant.

Over the years Haarslev Industries has specialized in processing equipment for handling animal byproducts and fallen stock. We develop and supply processes and equipment to meet the demanding requirements and challenges that the rendering industry faces. Haarslev designs focus on optimal and economical utilization of raw material and energy as well as product quality, regulatory conformance, and environmental sustainability.

Our focus is on customized processing solutions based on the know-how, technology and products merged together from the former brands: Flo-Dry, Tremesa, Atlas-Stord Denmark, Stord-Bartz, Sværtek and Haarslev, brands that have been recognized world-wide for performance, reliability and high quality.

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